Skin Treatments

Before starting your Skin Journey with us all our clients will undergo a Complimentary Skin Consultation.

This process is designed to help you make confident decisions on your aesthetic journey and ensure you achieve your goals.
This necessary step in the process is also one of the most important.

Our Therapist invests time in your face-to-face consultation to ensure you receive the correct treatment for your individual needs. They will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our highly skilled and experienced team will address your skin concerns with specially tailored treatment programs, designed just for you. We are all about education, budget, expectations and making sure clients are fully aligned with the treatment plan.

We are committed to providing our clients with excellent service and honest advice.

Advanced Skin Menu


Our advanced Microdermabrasion machine deeply exfoliates using a diamond tip and suction to remove dead skin cells, clear blackheads and reduce congestion. Benefits include improved tone and texture and enhanced skin renewal, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.


Looking to reveal a clearer, brighter, healthier complexion to release your inner glow? Using a combination of powerful pharmaceutical ingredients, diamond-tipped microdermabrasion and vacuum suction, this unique treatment works to remove dead skin and debris, while stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity. Add on a mask (tailored to suit) accompanied with LED Light Therapy. The LED light stimulates deep skin cells and boosts your immune function. It helps improve the healing time of wounds and compromised skin. It’s the perfect addition to this treatment.

L1 | DERMAPEN | 45 MIN | $235

Dermapen is the industry leading microneedling device, it is a skin repair treatment that can help to significantly improve the appearance of ageing or scarred skin. It uses tiny needles attached to a pen device to gently puncture the skin causing a series of traumatic punctures on the skin. The result of this is that the skin responds to this by naturally producing collagen and elastin to repair itself. The production of collagen and elastin work to smooth and firm the skin, plumping out deep lines and improving the indented or red appearance of scars and stretch marks.

L2 | SKINPEN | 45 MIN | $345

The Ultimate Precision Skin Needling 2.0 – SkinPen® is a state-of-the-art micro needling device designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. SkinPen® is the key to keeping your skin looking younger for longer. Not just any skin needling treatment; this precision device ensures the highest class of sterility and depth precision. Helping you protect and prevent the signs of skin ageing. SkinPen® is recognised by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, and produces faster, more dramatic results to rejuvenate skin, combat pigmentation and repair acne or surgical scarring.

L3 | RF SKIN NEEDLING | 1.5 HOURS | $495

The RF is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that provides epidermal resurfacing and deep dermal remodeling to make your skin firmer, tighter, and smoother. It uses a combination of microneedling, radiofrequency (RF) and LED light to stimulate collagen and elastin production and is much more effective than skin needling alone.

This minimally invasive treatment is painless with the help of numbing cream and has no downtime, while producing immediate and long lasting results! Due to RF’s microneedles delivering radiofrequency energy to multiple depths of the skin’s deeper layers, it’s safe and effective for all skin tones, with little risk of hyperpigmentation. The addition of LED light therapy, provides further benefits with red light having anti-inflammatory properties and stimulating additional collagen production, while blue light kills bacteria.